LBN Spotlight: Upfront Cosmetics

LBN Spotlight: Upfront Cosmetics on Keeping You and the Planet Clean Featuring an interview with Upfront Cosmetics Founder Alicia Sharp Feature 5, 07/29 Making an impact, one bar at a time. You’ve read our article on Plastic Free July, visited their website, and are on your way towards a less plastic-reliant lifestyle! You’ve identified aContinue reading “LBN Spotlight: Upfront Cosmetics”

LBN Spotlight: Bee Kind

LBN Spotlight: Bee Kind on Keeping Plastic Out of Our Oceans Featuring an interview with Bee Kind Founder Evan Guiton Feature 4, 07/22 #PlasticIsOver Ready to take on a less plastic-dependent life?Check out this article on Plastic Free July to get inspired, read others’ stories, and challenge yourself to break free from plastic! It’s theContinue reading “LBN Spotlight: Bee Kind”

LBN Spotlight: Aisle

LBN Spotlight: Aisle and Going Plastic Free in July Did you miss our article on Plastic Free July?Read it here! Let’s talk periods. Statistically, about half of us have them, which means half of us are using menstrual products every month. Many of us don’t really know about reusable alternatives, or are understandably a bitContinue reading “LBN Spotlight: Aisle”

Plastic Free July – How to Start

You know about the devastating effects plastic has on the environment. You’ve begun to notice how everything seems to be packaged in plastic at the grocery store. You’ve thought about ditching plastic for a while now, but it feels almost impossible. There are so many factors to think about! Where do I start? Oh boy,Continue reading “Plastic Free July – How to Start”

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