LBN Weekly Eco Tip #5

Looking for a delicious and sustainable Easter this year?

Find out how your Easter Egg Hunt can help make the world a little better!

Avoid Products with Palm Oil

An edible vegetable oil from oil palm tree fruit that is high in saturated fat and not much else.

Extremely versatile thanks to its many different properties, palm oil is used in peanut butter, chocolate, animal feed, biofuel, and everything in between.

Besides low nutrition, what exactly is the problem with palm oil?

Palm Oil & Deforestation

Palm oil plantations are rapidly expanding, causing deforestation to make room for oil palm trees.

44 countries produce palm oil, but the WWF notes that Indonesia and Malaysia create 85% of global supply. Between 2001 to 2019 in Indonesia, Global Forest Watch reports that 26.8Mha of tree cover has been lost, equivalent 10.9Gt of CO₂ emissions93% of forest loss is due to deforestation.

The WWF states that these deforested  areas are often the world’s most biodiverse, endangering species and putting pressures on those already endangered, such as the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino.

Further, forest destruction directly contributes to carbon emissions, compromised watersheds, increased vulnerability to natural disasters, and disproportionately affects developing countries and poor communities.

Buy Slavery-Free Chocolates

Chocolate is the candy of choice for most Easter celebrations.

Would it shock you to learn that modern-day slavery practices, including illegal child labour, is still prevalent in the cocoa industry?

Learn more about slavery in the chocolate industry by visiting

Happily, it’s possible to find ethical chocolate!

Look for logos such as Fair Trade, UTZ Certified, and Rainforest Alliance.

Companies like Tony’s Chocolonely, Ritter Sport, and Divine have easy to find information on their certifications and chocolate sourcing. Find out more from

DIY & Source Locally!

No matter your age, dying eggs and getting crafty can be a lot of fun!

Why not skip the store bought Easter sweets altogether and make your own?
Home baked goods can be a fun activity with kids of any age, and treats made from the heart are often the most memorable. Visit nearby farms or farmers’ markets to find local eggs to dye or bake with, local dairy, produce, flowers and more!

Looking to make your home a little more festive this holiday? Get crafty with items found around your house to DIY decorations, source from thrift shops, or shop from small businesses.

Plastic Alternatives

We can all do a little more to cut down on our plastic consumption. There are tons of great ideas and alternatives to items that we usually use plastic for

Need inspiration for quick plastic swap-outs?

Instead of plastic egg candy containers, try:
Cloth or glass jar goodie bags!

If your hunting for eggs in the great outdoors, save your goodies from being eaten by wildlife in these reusable containers. With a cloth wrap, you can make goody bags as large or as small as you want! If you decide to hide baked goods instead of store bought candy this year, sealed glass jars are the way to go!

Bonus: Make and decorate your reusable containers with your little ones for some extra Easter quality time!

Instead of synthetic dyes, try:
Natural dyes made from vegetables!

Use red cabbage, beets, turmeric, even coffee!

Instead of plastic eggs or wrapped candy eggs, try:
Dyed hollowed out or hard boiled eggs.

Use the raw eggs for baked goods or turn your boiled eggs into savoury Easter dishes later in the week!

Instead of plastic decorations, try:
Making homemade papier-mâché or clay eggs that you and your family can decorate! Bonus: they’re biodegradable!

Use found wildflowers, grass, and other botanicals in your backyard or surrounding neighbourhood as biodegradable decorations!

It’s easy to include sustainability in your Easter traditions!

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