LBN Weekly Eco Tip #4

Tip 4 – Air Dry Your Laundry

Save money and electricity this Spring!

Hanging your laundry outside has benefits!

When the sun is out and a light Spring breeze is blowing, there’s no better way to dry your laundry than by hanging it outside on a line or drying rack!

Why you should you ditch your clothes dryer:

Your dryer is costing you more money than you think!

Did you know that your clothes dryer is a likely a huge contributor to your monthly energy bill?

BC Hydro estimates that “dryers can account for 12% of your home’s energy. Dryers typically use more [energy] per use than any other appliance.”

Spending less time in the dryer will also help keep your clothes from wearing out for longer. Keeping your clothes in better condition can save you from having to replenish your wardrobe more often, saving you money in the long run.

According to Business Insider, the lint in your dryer’s filter is parts of your clothing that have been destroyed by high heat.

Stop Clothes Shrinkage

It isn’t just heat damage, though. Dryers are notorious for shrinking clothes, though not for the reason you may think.

Instead of heat damage, Mary Marlowe Leverette from The Spruce says that the combined “agitation during washing and drying” causes your fabric to deform and lose its shape.

She writes an in-depth look at the ways specific fabrics shrink, and ways to avoid them in this article.

Skip the harsh chemicals!

According to The Water Quality and Health Council, leaving your laundry in direct sunlight can kill bacteria and viruses as well as a high heat setting on your dryer.

They recommend that you leave laundry in direct sunlight for 30-60 minutes (or more) to neutralize germs. Be sure to flip your laundry over to expose both sides to sunlight.

The sun’s UV rays have also been proven to kill germs, including odour producing bacteria.

Leave your whites in direct sunlight to naturally bleach them. However, be sure not to leave your colours in direct sunlight for too long, as they’ll be bleached as well!

No yard? No problem!

If you don’t have access to a yard, set up your portable (or DIY’d) drying rack on your balcony, or by an open window.

BC Hydro also states that it’s important to set up your drying rack where there’s air circulation so your clothes can dry, as damp clothes may promote bacteria growth.

Set your drying rack or line by an open window. Even a fan will work!


If you’re working from home, hanging your laundry outside means you have a reason to get up from your desk and enjoy short breaks in the sunshine.

This can also be a good form of exercise, especially if you have multiple loads of laundry to switch over.

Happy laundry day!


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