Celebrating B Corp Month with Brew Dr. Kombucha

Brew Dr. creates high-quality beverages that explore the potential of tea, from organic raw kombucha to naturally energizing yerba mate. The company was born from Townshend’s Tea Co., a business that began as founder Matt Thomas’s University of Oregon business school project. With their commitment to crafting organic, artisanal, high quality loose-leaf tea blends that delight the senses and support their community in the process, the company quickly flourished.

CLEAR MINDA fan favourite, this brilliant blend of rosemary, mint, sage and green tea creates a distinctly smooth herbal flavour worth savouring.

Brew Dr. uses unique blends of organic herbs, fruits and other botanicals for a refreshingly delicious, tea-first approach. Brew Dr. is hand-crafted in the company’s own 60,000 sq. ft. brewery with a heatless distillation process which preserves live, probiotic cultures and ensures an authentic, organic, raw kombucha.

PINEAPPLE GUAVA, Limited Release – Photo by Jordan Hughes.
This recipe of ripe pineapple, sweet guava, tart passionfruit, and subtle green tea makes a bright, delicious kombucha. It’s our best effort at bottling a combination of blue skies, sunshine and a warm breeze.

Brew Dr.’s mission is to help people discover how good tea and kombucha can be, referring not only to their quality approach, but to the company’s commitment to its communities, its people, and the planet. They support environmentally-driven nonprofits as a 1% for the Planet member, dedicate revenue from their Uplift products to organizations focused on racial justice, and devote themselves to many other social and environmental issues.

Brew Dr. is proud to be the first US kombucha company to become both carbon neutral and a certified B Corporation. 

Find out more about Brew Dr. as a B Corp!

Why did Brew Dr. decide to become a B Corporation?

“B Corp certification gave us a way to hold ourselves accountable for walking our talk regarding the values we have always held as an organization. It’s a way to commit to the continuous improvement we strive for.”

What was the journey to become a B Corp like?

“Once we decided to seek certification, we spent a year setting the policies and procedures that were needed to cement our current state and track our progress toward improvement. Going through certification also opens your eyes up to areas you have failed to focus on.”

How has the certification changed Brew Dr.’s approach as a business, and in which ways?

“Our values early on matched with our values as a B Corp, which made it less of a monumental shift for us. However, certification has made it completely second nature to not simply make decisions based on maximizing profit, but rather ensure we make the most profitable decision that also creates a sustainability win or a win for our community.”

Are there any improvements or plans for the future?

“We offset our scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions. We also offset some of our scope 3 emissions, which are more difficult to measure completely. We are considering a certification that would help us track progress in limiting and offsetting scope 3 emissions.”

ISLAND MANGOA tropical treat for any time of year featuring mango, passionfruit and a touch of Peruvian ginger juice. Brewed with sencha green tea.

A huge thank you to Matt Thomas and Brew Dr. Kombucha for sharing their B Corp experiences with us.

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