LBN Weekly Eco Tip #1

Tip 1 – Unplug!

Save money while saving electricity! 

Whether you’re working from home or just spending more time on your computer these days (and who isn’t?) this tip is good for the Earth and your power bill.

When you log off for the day, shut down your computer and unplug your device from its power source.

This way your computer doesn’t draw power or use its battery overnight. Some devices continue to draw small amounts of power even when not in use. This phenomenon is called “phantom energy” (or energy vampires) of which many household electronics are guilty.

It seems simple, but those overnight usages can really add up!

According to energy efficiency researcher Bruce Nordman, of the the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, it’s a myth that booting up your computer uses more power than putting it into sleep mode.

Turning off your device allows it to clear the accumulated background files and programs that bog down your memory and RAM, enabling your computer to run faster and smoother the next morning.

Some helpful products include Smart outlets that you can connect to your phone or set on a timer, and power outlet strips with on/off switches.

Learn more about phantom energy devices from this quirky, in-depth article by with a Halloween themed look at how to exorcise energy vampires from your home!

SOURCE: Butler, Kiera. “Should You Shut Down Your Computer or Put It to Sleep?” Mother Jones, 1 Nov. 2010,

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